Verify the authenticity of your bottle


Check the authenticity of your bottle of Luce, Luce Brunelli andLux Vitis

Before shipment Tenuta Luce affixes an authentication seal on all sizes of the bottles. This seal contains information about each specific bottle, which is recorded in a database accessible to the consumer.

Guarantee of origin and integrity

This seal, created by Prooftag ™, offers a double protection: the seal on the capsule guarantees tamper-proof by certifying the origin and integrity of the bottle and clearly indicates any alteration attempts; The seal has a Bubble Tag™ consisting of a translucent polymer in which a random configuration of bubbles is generated by a physical reaction. This constellation of bubbles is unique and corresponds to the identification of each bottle, just like fingerprints. The Bubble Tag™ is associated with an alphanumeric code and a QR code.

Identify and authenticate your bottles

At any time you can authenticate your bottle by comparing the Bubble Tag that is present on the seal with the one that will be visible on our site after entering the alphanumeric code. Enter the alphanumeric code of your bottle or photograph the QR code of the bottle with your smartphone or tablet.