Luce Estate

Our values

Wine is the most natural expression of the territory where it is produced, reflecting the characteristics of the grapes from which it is obtained. This caring work begins amongst the grapevines to enhance the precious harmony in the vineyard, and continues all the way to the winery, where the ripe grapes are brought in and vinificated in steps that reflect the philosophy of the Estate and its attention to detail.

Respect is the first of our values and it contains all the others.


Respect that must be understood in all its forms, respect for the land, the vineyards, and the people who work there. Here, human intelligence dialogues with the beauty of nature, and the expression of the territory blends with its original interpretation. Respect can be seen in the attention to detail, in the attention paid to every smallest element of nature. The work in the vineyard requires daily efforts and skilled hands capable of giving shape to nature.


Intelligence encourages us to improve ourselves.

People’s intelligence and curiosity must be respected and stimulated. Because these qualities translate, first of all, into never being completely satisfied when reaching a goal and always harbouring a slight dissatisfaction that makes us immediately aspire to the next goal, thus fuelling continuous improvement.

Beauty is a source of inspiration and fuels our capacity to do well.


The beauty of nature must be preserved and nurtured. It must be protected and nourished, in all its forms, even the smallest. Whoever lives surrounded by beauty absorbs its deepest value and becomes its ambassador. It is from beauty that we draw inspiration to exceed and do better, because beauty is the lifeblood for the souls that know how to harness it.

To respect people means to nurture their abilities and motivate them


Work is the result of people’s commitment and daily efforts, whether it is to prune the vines in the middle of winter, to carefully harvest, bunch after bunch, the fruit of the land, to control the fermentation or the slow ageing of the wines, or to pack the bottles once they are ready.
Respecting people means understanding their abilities, valuing their experience and motivating them day after day. It is by respecting people’s work and talent that Luce can excel.

On this Earth we must be grateful guests.


We are guests, not masters of this world. As such, we must show our gratitude for its beauty, and indeed leave this land better than how we found it to those who will follow. This is the path we take every day, in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. For this reason, we plant the vineyards only and strictly according to the suitability of each parcel. Each of our actions always aims to safeguard the biodiversity that makes the land where Luce is born unique.