The vineyards

Our land,
the land of Luce

Our land, the land of Luce

A cradle of excellence, the care for the land, the culture of Tuscany

Land of Montalcino

The Land is matter; it is the origin of everything. The land of Montalcino is our home. A magical place where wine is life, tradition and culture as early as the mid-sixteenth century, in his “Descriptor of all of Italy”the Bolognese monk Leandro Alberti mentions our lands “for the good wines that are extracted from those pleasant hills.
The village, perched on an enchanting hill, retains its medieval charm. The surrounding area, so classically Tuscan, is part of the Natural and Cultural Artistic Park of Val d’Orcia.
The Land, here in Montalcino, takes the shape of gentle slopes covered with vineyards, olive groves and woods. A territory with a microclimate of unparalleled value for the cultivation of grapevines.

Tenuta Luce’s treasure

A harmony of elements in the heart of Tuscany

Every day the rises in the East breathing life unto Luce’s vineyards that cover the slopes to the southwest of the village of Montalcino, a sparsely populated area surrounded by wild nature and rich in biodiversity. Heterogeneous vineyards, with different exposures, variety of soils and altitudes from 280 at 418 meters above sea level. The soils are schistose in the upper range, mixed-clayey in the lower one, rich in yellow sands and sandstones in the central belt.
The altitude and southern exposure of our vineyards support a slow and complete ripening of the grapes producing wines of great concentration and vigor. Cool, breezy nights help preserve the aromatic complexities of the grapes.
Tenuta Luce is a place of harmony where the miracle of life is renewed every hour, where every day our vineyards grow in strength and vitality and, every year, we give birth to our wines.