The winery

The winery at the heart of everything

Here, work is respect, care and patience.

Harmony with the landscape.

At the heart of Tenuta Luce is our winery. Built on one level, under the hill where the two pre-existing farmhouses stand, it was designed to accommodate all the winemaking stages of the wines and to keep them over time, respecting the surrounding landscape and nature: beauty of nature and beauty of man, together for Tenuta Luce. A sober and functional space that is full of warmth. The ideal cradle for our wines.

From the grape to the bottle, man accompanies wine

The path of Wine

The Tenuta Luce winery develops along the axis of a corridor which, room after room, follows the path of the wine, from the grape to the bottle. During the harvest, the ripe grapes, selected by hand from each single parcel, are transported to the harvest area in the external courtyard.

Production times

Wine has its own time, just like nature

Wine’s own time must be respected exactly like nature’s. After making a further selection, we move on to soft pressing and fermentation with indigenous yeasts. After the vinification, it is time to wait for the wine to rest and evolve in the barrel cellar. Waiting is essential for our wines to fully develop their character.

Luce Collection: where history is kept safe.

Seguendo il percorso del vino in Cantina, si arriva infine a Collezione Luce, un luogo intimo e protetto in cui farsi guidare.

Like an ancient library that collects precious, meticulously illustrated books, so Collezione Luce preserves and tells the story of Luce.
An intimate and silent place through which to be guided. Here is our whole history, vintage after vintage, in a harmonious space built following the golden ratio. Here the Time of Wine reigns supreme.
This is our historic cellar.