The beginning

The history of a dream

When Vittorio Frescobaldi met Robert Mondavi in the early 90s, a new chapter in the history of the great Tuscan wines was written. From that meeting, a wine came to life inspired by the desire to make a dream come true: to create a wine in Montalcino, a land of choice for the production of excellent wines, that went beyond the boundaries of tradition, while acknowledging and celebrating it, by treasuring the experiences of two historic families in the world of wine. This ambitious project took the name of Tenuta Luce, a name that evokes the sunlight of Montalcino, which is the source of life and nourishment, and marks the passage of the seasons and sets the pace for any and every agricultural activity. Since then, Tenuta Luce has always honored this vision and the symbolic wine of the Tenuta, Luce, has been joined by other exclusive wines, capable of going beyond the boundaries of their territory and earning unanimous approval nationally and internationally.

The land, the beauty, the people: the story of Luce under the aegis of respect.

The land, the beauty, the people: the story of Luce under the aegis of respect.

The story continues

In 2005, Lamberto Frescobaldi, Vittorio’s son, inherited the direction of the Tenuta Luce project. Today, he is responsible for all production guidelines, from the vineyard to the creation of the blends of each vintage. His work, driven by deep respect for the land and its people, results in transforming the fruits of the grapevines into fine wines, which reflect the beauty of the land where they are born.
In 2016, following the latest acquisition, Tenuta Luce equipped itself with a new winery, an underground structure perfectly integrated into the land of Montalcino. Here we find the Luce Collection that, like an ancient library, preserves and tells the whole story of Luce. Here too, as in the vineyards, the values of Tenuta Luce guide every choice. Alongside the beauty of nature found in vineyards, here, in the winery, we find beauty built by man to inspire us to ever better work.

The many-rayed Sun, Luce’s Symbol.

The Symbol

Sol Solis. The radiant sun, the inspiring symbol of Luce’s brand. It is the sun that is chiseled on the main altar of the Church of Santo Spirito, in Florence, commissioned in the fifteenth century to Brunelleschi and built on land donated by the Frescobaldi family.
Luce is a homage to the sun that gives us warmth, energy and life.



For 700 years the Frescobaldi family has combined tradition, experience and innovation with creativity and the pursuit of excellence.
The family has always looked to develop and celebrate the diversity of Tuscany’s terroir.
Being proud owners of some of the greatest vineyards in this region they have always sought to maintain the identity and autonomy of each property.
Luce della Vite was created by the Frescobaldi and Mondavi families and has flourished under the Frescobaldi ownership.
Luce della Vite is just one of the estates owned by the family alongside Ornellaia, Masseto, Danzante, Attems (Friuli) and the six Frescobaldi Estates, Nipozzano, CastelGiocondo, Pomino, Ammiraglia, Castiglioni and Remole.