Visit Tenuta Luce

We offer a personalized visit and tasting experience in the Estate, with the possibility of staying for lunch. We give every guest the utmost care and attention, following the philosophy of our company. To book the visit, fill out the form in all its parts indicating the desired date at least two days in advance. Once you have registered your request, we will contact you by email.

The Vineyards

Tenuta Luce

The altitude and southern exposure of our vineyards support a slow and complete ripening of the grapes producing wines of great concentration and vigor. Cool, breezy nights help preserve the aromatic complexities of the grapes.

The historical cellar

Collezione Luce’s Harmony

Like an ancient library that collects precious, meticulously illustrated books, so Collezione Luce preserves and tells the story of Luce.
An intimate and silent place through which to be guided. Here is our whole history, vintage after vintage, in a harmonious space built following the golden ratio. Here the Time of Wine reigns supreme.
This is our historic cellar.

The History

From the meeting, Luce was born.

It was during the seventies that Merlot grapes first arrived in Montalcino thanks to the Frescobaldi family. So, when in the mid-nineties Vittorio Frescobaldi met Robert Mondavi we must thank that first pioneering experience that began a new chapter in the history of great Tuscan reds.